MOD Files

Some of the best MOD tracks I’ve come across
Some tracks are listed here because the tunes themselves are ace, others are just down to sheer technical genius of the sampling and programming.

To play them under Windows you can use Winamp but best results with ModPlug Player. To play them under Linux you can use … well, pretty much anything. Mac, you’re on your own!

Mental Floss – “EarthTones”
Kenny Chou – Menu Theme from “One Must Fall 2097”
Moog – “70s *****”
Dax (Ravebusters) – ’95 Raver’s Megamix
Vson – “Jingle Bells”
Asu, zETA & DaNeR – “Telescope”
K Kock – “Aryx” (as demoed with the ModPlug Tracker)
Reptile & Sky – “Popcorn (99 Mix)”
Sunny, MoozeBlaster & Index – “Breaks from Narvik”
Trackers@Work – “Happyness Without Limit”
OvErAciD – “Dreaming Tonight”
Unknown – “Crusty” (MENTAL HEALTH WARNING)
Yello – “Oh Yeah”
DaNeR – “Good Dream ’98”
RedBass – “Raver’s Paradise”
Aberration – “Do What I Say”
Purple Motion – “Panic”
(as featured in the awesome 1993 PC demo “Panic” by the Future Crew)
Reed / TRSI – “Funkacider”
Jogeir Liljedahl – “Guitar Slinger”
[Unknown] – La Disco De Jean Claude