Got a spare 486/Pentium PC knocking about?

Then why not make use of it? This little beastie I’m running here is an Intel Pentium 133Mhz, 48mb RAM, 2GB HDD. It runs MS DOS 6.22 & Windows for Workgroups v3.11. It’s sat happily on the internet with web browser, FTP client et al and makes a perfect IRC machine.

If you have a box gathering dust that you feel like resurrecting, use the files below. I have included the driver disks for my hardware in case they are of use to anyone else.

These files may contain copyrighted and/or licensed material. If you are unsure on the legality of downloading these and/or if you do not own the rights to any of this software then please don’t download it. I am not a software pirate and do not condone it either. This is for educational and personal entertainment purposes only.
If you are the owner of these files and wish them to be removed, just ask and I will gladly do so.

Furthermore, to any web developers who may be browsing this site, yes I have used tables! Get over yourself!

All OS and Drivers disks are IMG disk images. These are extractable using WinImage (16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit) or Disk Copy Fast (DOS).

MS-DOS v6.22 Disk 1,
Disk 2,
Disk 3,
Disk S
With Supplemental Utilities Disk
Windows 3.11 Disk 1,
Disk 2,
Disk 3,
Disk 4,
Disk 5,
Disk 6,
Disk 7,
Disk 8
TCP/IP-32 for WfW 3.11 Disk 1 TCP Driver stack for Windows 3.1x
3Com 3C59X Network Card Disk 1
Creative Labs Sound Blaster   Disk 1 Official drivers, compatible from SB Basic to AWE
Logitech Mouseware Disk 1
Toshiba CD-ROM
ATI Mach 64 Graphics Disk 1 Display Driver

Disk 2
Configuration Utilities
Microsoft Win32S v1.30 PW1118.EXE 32-bit extension for Windows 3.1x (Self extracting archive)
Microsoft VSHARE.386 WW1000.EXE Install after Win32S (Self extracting archive)
Internet Explorer 5 IE5WIN31.EXE Slow but stable
Netscape Navigator 4.08 N16D408.EXE Faster but crash-prone
Opera 3.62 OW362E16.ZIP Showing its age but the most solid browser I’ve used on Windows 3
WinZip 5.6 WINZIP56.EXE
Calmira 3.3 C33SETUP.EXE Windows 95 style skin for Windows 3.1x (Recommended)
Calmira 3.31 update C331UP.ZIP Apply after installing the above (Recommended)
mIRC 5.91 MIRC591S.ZIP IRC Client
WS_FTP LE WSFTP506.EXE Lightweight FTP client
AOL Instant Messenger AIMSETUP.EXE
Disk Copy Fast DCF.ZIP The fastest and best DOS based disk copier bar none
MOD4WIN MOD4WIN.ZIP Last release of the player for MODs and derivatives